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Trade-Show Exhibits

Situation: Old, painted plywood did not convey new positioning for Baby Gear product line, was heavy and difficult to update.

Solution: Tension fabric panels were suspended from truss frame work. Based on success of this design client expanded concept to a 40' x180' booth.
Situation: Client needed a rental exhibit with impact

Solution: Tension fabric panels w
ere suspended from truss frame work. Several of the panels served as projection screens to communicate and attract attention.

Situation: Client provided concept sketch for exhibit to be shipped to China for several shows

Solution: Concept was translated into a tension fabric design for a light weight, compact exhibit 

Situation: Client required a rental exhibit to showcase their large products.

Solution: Two story rental exhibit was augmented with ttension fabric super graphic panels

Situation: Wine company needed a multiple exhibits for wine tasting events

Solution: Pop up back wall exhibits were and reception counter were customized with marketing images

Situation: Client required a light weight exhibit with impact for a series of shows in Europe.

Solution: Light weight aluminum frame structure was wrapped with fabric graphics

Situation: Client wanted an exhibit that resembled old style movie marquee to promote their movie rentals

Solution: A custom box-framed booth was designed to meet their needs. Preliminary concept marker sketch

Situation: Client wanted an exhibit that would maximize usage of pre-fabricated
pop- up exhibit structures to promote their products

Solution: Preliminary concept marker sketch shows initial concept which combined pop-ups and rental truss

Situation: Client needed a free-standing food court area for food shows

Solution: Modular cabinetry was designed using an aluminum - cabinets included food storage, cooking and prep areas

Situation: Client wanted to expand existing booth concept to a larger exhibit

Solution: Modular exhibit panels and custom display pedestals were developed to create a 50'x180' booth. 
Front Entry and birds-eye-view shown here